Our Mission 

To be the leading self-managed, fully compliant, end-to-end pipeline constructor 

We commit with pivotal performance

Every time GD Pipelines is engaged, our people perform with a dedicated conviction to deliver practical strategies to successfully complete the job. We are committed to complying with proven project management systems to ensure that GD Pipelines is recognised as "making the difference".

 We are strategic success enablers.

GD Pipelines bridge the gaps that other companies don't even see. We can do this because we have taken our experience and injected efficiencies and risk mitigation into detailed, specific pipeline project delivery systems and procedures. Having control over processes allows our people time to address challenges and deliver with conviction and pride to deliver beyond the expectation of others.

 We inspire valued partnerships.

With our people, our clients and the communities we work in, the partnerships we form are built on trust, openness and mutual respect. The strength of our relationships ensures that we can work through any issue to deliver positive outcomes.